Students joining together

Entactus Fleming President encourages students to get involved on-campus

Dylan Trepanier, President of Enactus Fleming, encourages all Fleming College students to get involved. The leader of the entrepreneurial student club said the more involved you are on campus, the stronger your resumé will be after graduating.

“My advice is the same to every student: get involved and you will become more employable,” said Dylan, who is entering semester 5 of the Business Administration – Marketing program this fall. “We are all here for the same reason – to become more employable – so why not take full advantage of that while you can? Get recognition for getting involved and develop your CCR. That is what’s getting you the job, the diploma only gets you the interview.”

Enactus Fleming is a student-led entrepreneurial club that provides innovative programming initiatives. The group gives students an opportunity to apply their skills to entrepreneurship, participate in workshops, impact the economic growth of international communities, and start a business on campus.

“I am involved with Enactus because I believe I have the ability to make real change happen on campus, and Enactus provided me with a foundation of trust and support,” said Dylan. “I believe that I can help other students to feel empowered to make an impact of their own on campus.”

Through Enactus, Dylan participated in the Enactus Central Canada Regional Competition, a pitch competition with participating colleges and universities in Central Canada. His team discussed obstacles and advice for strategic short, medium and long-term planning, and had the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, and Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s daughter, Swati Dlamini.

Enactus Fleming also competed in the Enactus World Cup, which featured business students from 136 countries around the world and the opportunity to network with Coca-Cola’s Vice-President of Sales, Scott Lindsay. At the Enactus World Cup, Dylan and his team had to discuss the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations, which is an important issue for the Fleming College student.

“Sustainability is important to me because I like this planet and a lot of the people on it. I have the ability to influence how people perceive sustainability and their ability to improve their lives to be more sustainable, so I will,” said Dylan, who explained that the three pillars of sustainability are economic, social, and environmental.

Dylan said sustainability is especially important in his career path, as marketing professionals can influence how a generation thinks and acts towards sustainability.

“I appreciate that there is such a strong and influential corporate social responsibility component, as it has had a major impact on the way I act and react to products as a consumer,” he said.

Dylan, who is a First Generation student, is enjoying his Fleming College program. He came to Fleming to improve his employment prospects and develop entrepreneurial skills, and credits the faculty, staff and his peers for helping him develop his professional abilities and step out of his comfort zone.

“I’ve enjoyed every day I go to Fleming and I often look forward to going back the next day,” said Dylan. “I think my experience is very unique because of my involvement on campus.”

We accept applications to join Enactus in the Student Life > Get Involved tab on D2L. All students are welcome! No Experience Required! Contact [email protected] for more information.